Oasis House

 Oasis House,Croydon,Surrey

Trinity Baptist Church (TBC) has been enriching the local community through prayer and fellowship for nearly 25 years. Founded in 1987, it now consists of over 15 satellite churches located throughout the UK and stretching in to Europe and Africa.

As a church, TBC’s heart is to see lives transformed and destinies fulfilled. 

Our continuing mission is to make TBC a place where the hurting, discouraged, confused, bound and frustrated can find love, acceptance, guidance, encouragement, forgiveness and hope through our Lord Jesus

Now God has given us the opportunity to take this vision further by moving into a larger and newer building with more facilities to help our members and the wider community – Oasis House.

Oasis House is a brand new multi-purpose church building which a will provide amenities that will help facilitate our mission, enrichment of the local community and become a central point for fellowship. The building will provide state of the art facilities, including:


  • 26,700 sq. ft.
  • 1,000 theatre-style seats
  • Full Theatrical Lighting, Audio and Video Capabilities
  • Crèche
  • Credit Union
  • Education training rooms
  • Children’s rooms
  • Youth sports hall
  • Bookstore
  • Media training centre
  • Sound recording studio
  • Fitness gym
  • Commercial kitchen
  • 250 Seat Hall (Weddings, Funerals, Baptisms)
  • Nursing Mother’s Room
  • First Aid / Medical Room
  • Full disabled access



Oasis House has been designed to meet the needs of both Christian and non-Christian. We welcome everyone, from every cultural background and all walks of life to come and be a part of this new venture and witness the wonderful work God is doing through the church. As Christians, we are commissioned to spread the ‘Good News’ and Oasis House provides us with the perfect platform to do this.

To make the vision of Oasis House a reality, we need your help. We are seeking funding of £3.9m to finish the re-construction of the building and reach out to you for your support. If you would like to join us on this exciting journey by registering to become a regular contributor to the building project, please fill in our simple registration form by clicking here.

We believe that Oasis House will be an ‘Oasis for breakthrough’ so come and see for yourself the miracles and blessings of God at work in your life and the community.

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